Realising the harm that ‘physical’ impact of graphic design can sometimes do to the environment, Mayank willingly offers graphic design solutions that help clients minimise or reduce the negative impact. The same is usually easy, cost effective and possible in the following ways:

Designing communication material for print that minimises paper use, which may mean using smaller sizes or more content per page, but presented in a manner that still looks good!

Use of new technology like client-side desktop printing or digital offset, that minimises paper use and wastage.

Creating layouts without large or flat areas of colour (to minimise ink use).

Designing with one or two colours when possible, to minimise ink use.

Using eco-friendly or environmentally certified papers for printing.

Designing communication material for the electronic media that looks as attractive and as organised as print material, to minimise the use of printed material.

Understanding if a design/redesign is actually required by a client or ‘not’!

Making extensive use of electronic communication in the design process to additionally minimise printing wastage.