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Pravartak meaning innovator or one who brings about improvement or change (in Hindi), was the name of a contest organised in 2005 by Roots Education Pvt. Ltd. that aimed to motivate students in select engineering colleges in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India to come up with detailed, brilliant or powerful business ideas. Keeping with the spirit of the powerful Hindi word, a quick research on Hindu symbolism was done basis which logo for the contest was based on the form of a Yantra.

Above: Pravartak contest logo unit

For the logo, the geometric Yantra form was modified and fused with bar graphs, rising steps, geometric illustration of a businessman running up the steps and a central human eye form symbolising vision or visionary. The font used to write Pravartak had a calligraphic and somewhat traditional feel which contrasted with the geometric visual unit and they together constituted a strong and elaborate logo through which the contest could be identified.

Use of neon green and dark blue colours was mandatory as a part of Roots Education’s brand identity, Maroon was used as the third colour to add a dash of vigour to the logo. A star burst, placed as a watermark behind the logo, conveyed the excitement of a contest and added movement, energy and an extra dimension to the block-like unit. Pravartak logo unit was strong or loud in overall appearance, befitting of a contest.

Above: Contest form showing usage of the Pravartak logo

All communication pieces for Pravartak 2K5 contest were printed in offset in three special colours for the sake of achieving optimum brightness and to save on printing cost.


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