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The invitation card above was designed for Merged, a solo show of abstract paintings by well-known artist Deepak Tandon, held in September 2003 at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India. One of the most intriguing pieces of art displayed at the show was a circular, rotating painting, the design of which, after considering some of Deepak’s other paintings, was shortlisted and used in the layout. The painting design was placed in the middle of a 6×6 inch square size and invite text arranged around its circumference in a clockwise direction, to typographically simulate the movement of the painting itself. The circularly arranged typography, together with the abstract painting patterns and dark colours, created strong feelings of intrigue and mystery and were aimed to prompt people to visit the show.

The invite was a two colour print job with black and white colours screen-printed on dark grey cartridge paper, the surface of which was used as the third colour. Owing to use of only a few cartridge paper sheets for the entire print job and two (screen-printed) colours, the invite was quite economical to print. Overall, the design had a strong abstract quality, much like the artist’s work.


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