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To provide information about Roots Education’s CAT (Common Admission Test) preparatory programme to prospective students, a detailed pamphlet or handout was designed and refereed to as ‘mini brochure’ because of the fairly large amount of information it contained in a compact format.

Above: Printed copies of the mini brochure

3 folds within the open size of 14″(w) x 9″(h), printed front and back, yielded 8 faces in the brochure layout, each of which was used to house a different chunk of information (this was the client’s idea). The brochure folded into a compact 3.5″ x 9″ handout.

Above (from L-R): Mini brochure cover, back and half-open views

Owing to the large amount of information, the brochure design was largely typographic with only one typeface (Trebuchet MS, a part of Roots Education’s brand identity) used in different sizes, weights and colours for interest and emphasis.

Above: Mini brochure outside portion, spread

Deep blue and neon green (the colours that defined Roots Education’s brand identity) were the only two colours used in the layout; in fact, the mini brochure was a two colour print job (two special colours printed in offset) that, together with its compact size, helped to economise on printing cost. Each subsequent face of the brochure had alternating colours that helped to make the design interesting but more importantly, allowed the eye to easily focus on one face of information at a time in an otherwise intensive layout!

Above: Mini brochure inside portion, spread

A large watermark of the company logo graphic (tree) was used in the background as an additional layer to add a subtle element of interest, to break the rigidity of the layout and to reinforce the brand identity. Overall, the mini brochure layout adhered strongly to Roots Education’s visual identity, looked interesting, bright, energetic and enthusiastic and conveyed the seriousness of an MBA preparatory programme to young MBA aspirants.


Pravartak meaning innovator or one who brings about improvement or change (in Hindi), was the name of a contest organised in 2005 by Roots Education Pvt. Ltd. that aimed to motivate students in select engineering colleges in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India to come up with detailed, brilliant or powerful business ideas. Keeping with the spirit of the powerful Hindi word, a quick research on Hindu symbolism was done basis which logo for the contest was based on the form of a Yantra.

Above: Pravartak contest logo unit

For the logo, the geometric Yantra form was modified and fused with bar graphs, rising steps, geometric illustration of a businessman running up the steps and a central human eye form symbolising vision or visionary. The font used to write Pravartak had a calligraphic and somewhat traditional feel which contrasted with the geometric visual unit and they together constituted a strong and elaborate logo through which the contest could be identified.

Use of neon green and dark blue colours was mandatory as a part of Roots Education’s brand identity, Maroon was used as the third colour to add a dash of vigour to the logo. A star burst, placed as a watermark behind the logo, conveyed the excitement of a contest and added movement, energy and an extra dimension to the block-like unit. Pravartak logo unit was strong or loud in overall appearance, befitting of a contest.

Above: Contest form showing usage of the Pravartak logo

All communication pieces for Pravartak 2K5 contest were printed in offset in three special colours for the sake of achieving optimum brightness and to save on printing cost.

Logo for Vivitsa, an e-learning company based in the National Capital Region of India, was designed around the ‘V’ letterform as a bold, horizontal and composite unit with large typography to be used predominantly on the e-learning portal’s user interfaces. The visual unit consisted of simple geometrical forms (inspired by Vivitsa’s strength in maths and science) arranged in a way that looked like a student working on a computer. The somewhat loosely placed geometrical forms symbolised freedom of learning (or easy and flexible learning through the internet) and the red dot (also the student’s head) symbolised a ‘gift’ of knowledge and growth. Bright colours were meant to appeal to young (high school) students and to also define a bright and young corporate colour scheme for the brand. This colour scheme was chosen as the most appropriate out of many options presented to the client. The slightly traditional yet intelligent and geometric feel of the font represented an adherence to the roots of the subjects offered.

Poster for MBAguru, now a hugely successful MBA preparatory program in North India, was designed at the inception of the program in 2004. Text for the poster was written by the client, the ‘countdown to MBAguru’ was treated as the dominating text and visual element in the layout. Starting from numeral 6 on the top left, a series of steps lead the viewer’s eye to the MBAguru logo, followed by concise text that summed-up the program and then to the tag line at the bottom. The strong geometric or block-like look that the steps got into the layout was used further on the bottom left (block containing text about the mentors) and top right (block containing the company logo). A watermark of the company (Roots Education) logo was put in the background to prevent the layout from looking flat and to subtly reinforce the tree logo that symbolised growth, learning and knowledge. White arrowheads, used as design elements at a few places, also helped to enhance eye movement around the layout.

Trebuchet MS, that went very well with the feel of a young education institute, was used as the typeface for all poster text (barring the logos, of course). The 17″x22″ poster was printed in two (special blue and special neon green) colour offset on 170 gsm matte paper and was put up on notice boards at colleges campuses around New Delhi. With use of only two colours, brand colours in this case, the poster also acted as a strong branding exercise for the company which was barely a few months old then.

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