People’s Budget Initiative (PBI) is a civil society coalition, which promotes the inclusion of people’s movements, grassroots organisations and NGOs in the policy processes that determine the priorities underlying government budgets in India. Design of a logo was commissioned when PBI was conceived, it aimed to bring a sense of formality and energy to the initiative besides of course being a visual representation.

Out of the several options presented basis the creative brief, the logo that was finalised was based on a group of slices from a pie chart (representing budget). The slices were arranged in an overlapping circular formation depicting a coalition. Bold dots placed above every slice of pie made the combination look like a group of people, seemingly sharing information and ideas about budgets. The graphic had a sense of movement or dynamism about it, suggesting an initiative. The bold dots lent to the graphic a decorative touch and overall also resembled traditional Indian folk design, which went very well with the idea of PBI being a grassroots movement or a movement ultimately aiming to benefit the marginalised. Equal size of every pie and dot in the logo represented equal and democratic participation of all stakeholders. Pieces of pies arranged at different angles suggested people from different regions (of India) coming together for a more transparent and effective budgeting process.

The geometric graphic was contrasted with a script typeface to complete the logo unit. The beautiful script font Bradley Hand, which has a nice positive feel, helped to give the logo a personal or human touch (that of a people’s initiative). Being India-related, colours used in PBI logo were based on Indian flag colours, but were toned-down into earthy shades to represent a grassroots initiative. The two colours used did not contrast much with each other in terms of tone, they almost blended with each other, and thus suggested sharing or collaboration.

A greyscale version of the PBI logo (above) was also created for reproduction in local newspapers and for low-cost (one or two colour) print jobs.

Owing to high probability of PBI logo being printed locally and on outdoor media like cloth banners, artwork for screen printing (above) was also created.