IGT, International Glazing Technologies, is one of the leading providers of profile systems based interior and exterior glazing solutions in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. Design of a corporate website for IGT was commissioned soon after their logo was designed. Overall planning, information architecture and development aspects of the website (including technologies used) were skillfully handled by Crossover Technologies.

Above: IGT website homepage layout

Much like the IGT logo, the website layout had a strong visual frame, which was derived from the appearance of glazing on modern buildings wherein large pieces of glass are often supported by metal frames. A thick grey border or frame divided the logo, image, navigation and content areas and also brought about clarity to the layout.

Above: An inside page of IGT website

Each page of the website followed the same design template, careful attention was paid to spacing of every element (including text) in the layout. A decent selection of images was provided by the client and so different project-related photographs were showcased on every page. The top right image on every page had a horizontal frame going through it, to give the impression of looking out through a window. A faint, light green colour vertical bar was used as a design element on the right hand side of the website layout, it went on to overlap the top right image giving a feel of glazing or transparency; it also helped to ‘fill’ some of the available width of the layout and therefore restricted too many words from appearing in every line of page content, leading to good readability.

Above: Projects Photos section of IGT website

Apart from green colour, only blacks, whites and greys were used in the layout. Aquamarine green, often seen in glazed exteriors of buildings and IGT’s brand colour, was used mainly in the background. Overall, IGT website had a strong, no-nonsense, professional and corporate look, much like the values IGT as a company believes in.