Design of corporate logo for International Glazing Technologies, Gurgaon, India, providers of high-end glazing services, was based around the typically geometric and modern look of buildings with glazed exteriors. Rectangular pieces of glass held together by linear supports in-between, a characteristic of glazing, was actually showcased in the logo with letters ‘G’ and ‘T’ playing the role of the supports. Letter ‘I’ was represented by a large dot symbolising the sun and placed within the logo area to convey a special quality of glazing that allows sunlight to enter glazed interiors and yet provides shelter from it.

The light or aquamarine green used in the logo was derived from the green colour actually used in glazed glass, it represented IGT’s stress towards environmentally friendly processes and solutions. The green also symbolised transparency (both of the product and the company) and honesty as fair dealings is one of IGT’s core policies. Black colour, much like the thin frames between glass used in glazing, was used to add strength and support to the logo, it symbolised IGT’s strength and competence in the field of glazing. Univers Condensed Light was selected as the font (to write ‘International Glazing Technologies’) owing to its sleek-yet-strong, stylish, structural and geometric feel.

The logo, together with the baseline, was designed to be used as a comprehensive unit. Overall, IGT logo had a strong structural and technical feel (glazing requires a high level of technical competence) and was meant to appeal to both architects / interior designers and home / building owners.