Logo for FranConnect Inc. USA, leading provider of franchise technology solutions, was designed around two ‘F’ letterforms symbolising franchiser and franchisee. Arranged in perspective and like an open-ended grid, the two fused letterforms portrayed smooth, strong and seamless integration of the franchiser and franchisee through FranConnect and the technology’s ability to connect or network over a potentially large or endless (geographical) area. The logo essentially represented the strong relationship between the franchisor and franchisees that FranConnect helps to forge.

Ultramarine blue and saffron colours were a given and adapted on to the logo from the client’s previous brand identity. Eurostile, the typeface used to write FranConnect, was selected for its robust, modern and technological feel, qualities that are also found in the offerings of the company.

FranConnect logo was quite often used in reverse colour scheme (shown above) on communication material.