Logo for AuthBridge, one of India’s leading background screening and risk management consultancies, was designed at the inception of the company. The logo is essentially based on ‘A’ (for AuthBridge) letterform that together with the dot of the ‘i’ (from ‘Bridge’) forms a human figure, representing talent. A tick mark made by extending the shape of the A letterform and superimposed on the human figure symbolises the right talent, that AuthBridge specialises in selecting for clients.

The box around the logo graphic represents the strong focus and effort that AuthBridge puts in authenticating the credentials of each and every prospective individual. The thin figure, that seems to be happily moving forward or jumping with joy, depicts the company’s values of positive energy, sensitivity and enthusiasm. The figure also forms a ‘bridge’ across the two sides of the box, suggesting that AuthBridge helps its clients to bridge the gap between themselves and the right talent.

The thin typeface used in the logo, suggestive of the electronic age, contrasts beautifully with the curvy human figure and they together represent use of cutting edge technologies as well as the strong human touch the company puts into its activities.

Black and green colours used in the logo helped AuthBridge create a distinct identity from companies or competitors engaged in similar operations, that mostly rely on blues, greys and reds. The strong Green, in this case, symbolises green signal or approval of the right talent and also sincerity. Black symbolises strength, screening and also secrecy—which is an important part of the company’s activity.