The Rubbabu brand consists of a wide range of soft, safe, intuitive, eco-friendly and pleasantly different toys for kids! Rubbabu logo was designed at the inception of the brand (in July 2004) and in essence reflects the playfulness that the toys are all about.

Above: Initial Rubbabu logo, in CMYK

The soft, 3D shape of the logo gave a strong hint of a tangible product (in this case, a toy) and the letter R (for ‘Rubbabu’) took the shape of a car, reinforcing the playful aspect. The letterforms were custom designed after studying carefully the curvy shapes of the toys and the colours used were again based on the colours the toys actually came in.

Above: A tagline was added to the logo some time after it was designed

This colourful logo was designed to appeal to kids and parents alike and embodied the soft and friendly characteristics of the toys. Rubbabu is now a popular, globally recognised and respected toy brand.

Above: Rubbabu logo on product packaging

Rubbabu is a registered trade mark of Rahul Butalia and licensed to Iseo Chemdis Pvt Ltd, India.