CBGA, the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (New Delhi, India), is an attempt to promote transparent, accountable and participatory governance and a people-centred perspective in preparation and implementation of budgets. Logo for CBGA was designed around the same thought and consisted of bar graphs representing budget allocations and development, and below them human figures in negative form symbolising people at grassroot level, transparency and also people’s participation in the budget and governance processes.

Purple and green were the two colours chosen for the logo after exploring a range of colour schemes. Purple symbolised innovation for CBGA often employs innovative techniques in its work and green symbolised growth and development. The fairly neutral, robust and geometric font used in the logo gave cues of a strong organisation with integrity working for transparency and accountability. ‘CBGA’ was offset to add a touch of dynamism to the logo, suggesting an entity that is constantly moving forward. A centrally aligned baseline helped to strengthen the logo unit.