Above: Inside spread of a printed GIST corporate brochure

Corporate brochure for GIST (Global Information Systems Technology Ltd.) was designed in 2006 when GIST was one of India’s leading suppliers of technical and scientific journals (the organisation’s visual identity has since changed and area of activity greatly expanded).

Above: GIST corporate brochure cover

The four page, single-fold A4 size brochure was meant to provide a quick and concise overview of the organisation. The basic brochure design and colours were derived from the GIST logo and aimed to create a strong visual identity for the company.

Above: GIST brochure back (L) and cover (R) spread

The brochure was required in a short time owing to an approaching event and visual assets like office or corporate imagery were not ready with the client, therefore, background text and illustrations randomly taken from technical, historical and scientific journals were used in the layout to make it interesting. Large (globe) logo graphics were contrasted by watermarked text and technical diagrams, together they suggested access to knowledge from across the globe. GIST office addresses and details of partners / publishers were given on the back page of the brochure.

Above: Inside left and right page spread of GIST corporate brochure

Content on the inside pages of the brochure, together with some technical diagrams, was loosely laid out in and around a large (globe) logo graphic in sans-serif font (just like in the logo). Complimentary colours were given to the two facing pages.

Above: GIST corporate brochure inside pages detail

The brochure, printed in 4 colour offset, helped to portray a strong, interesting and intellectual image of the company and was devoid of any clichéd corporate brochure imagery.