Logo for DEOC (Diversity and Equal Opportunities Centre), an India based inclusive social enterprise with the vision to promote equal opportunity and inclusion in all spheres of life, was developed around the brief of having a simple, no-frills logo, keeping in mind DEOC’s serious and sensitive area of activity.

Lower case (understated) letterforms of Helvetica, the iconic san-serif typeface often used in disability signages, were used to develop the logo wherein oval shapes of letters d,e,o and c were treated as design elements and joined to compose an interesting logo unit. Lowercase letterforms also gave to the logo a sense of movement or energy.

Grey and Green colours were used to dress the logo. Grey being a neutral colour and often the colour of choice of professionals the world over, a ‘serious’ colour depicting serious area of activity. A bright green, often used to depict sustainability / development / growth / ethical business activities was chosen as the second colour.

Four different letterforms of similar (round) shapes in alternating colours, joined together, represented inclusion and diversity of talent, the organisation’s main proposition. Together with an all lowercase tagline (which helped to strengthen the logo) the composite logo unit paved the way for developing a simple, serious, clean yet pleasantly distinct visual identity for DEOC.