Tiger Lagoon is a luxury nature resort near Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India, built with the architectural concept of villas or rooms spread in a woodland alongside a large, natural water body or lagoon. Both words in the resort name (Tiger and Lagoon) evoked strong visual cues and were thus used to develop the logo concept. Based around the form of a Tiger paw, the logo simply shows huts or rooms spread alongside a lagoon. Organic or natural shapes used in the logo, which reiterated the concept of an eco-resort, were contrasted by slightly stylised and geometric typography, giving a subtle ‘exotic’ feel for Tiger Lagoon is an upscale and exotic resort. Strong shades of brown (for a natural and woody feel) and blue (for water) were the colours used in the logo, which was designed as a composite unit to be used across a wide variety of media.

The image above shows usage of Tiger Lagoon logo on stationery, which was screen printed using (only) the two brand colours on beige coloured papers.