Website for Leena Kejriwal, one of India’s leading fine art photographers, was designed around a fairly understated, structured and elegant look that allowed the artist’s work and related information to be showcased and yet was neutral enough to allow the artist to display a variety of styles of work over a course of time.

Information architecture and development of static and dynamic sections of the website was done by Crossover Technologies.

Above: Leena Kejriwal website home page design.

The home page layout consisted of a simple collage of Leena’s work, a brief introduction and a (latest) news feed. A black bar positioned between the main content area on the left and navigation on the right added an extra dimension to the layout and performed a variety of role across pages: displaying information or images or holding navigational links.

Above: Leena Kejriwal website ‘Galleries’ landing page design.

A dark grey background best suited (in terms of contrast) both black and white and coloured photographs displayed on the website and a subtle white border held the layout together.

Above: Leena Kejriwal website gallery lightbox/thumbnail page template.

A variety of templates were created for the website to display concise information, detailed information, thumbnails of galleries and details of images.

Above: Leena Kejriwal website image detail page layout.

Overall, the website design was highly personalised to the photographer’s requirement and seemed to be a refreshing change from the typical flash-based, animated and dark background websites that many photographers tend to have or like.