A poster announcing Mayank’s fine art photography show Water was put up at select art galleries and institutions in New Delhi, India, in July 2009. Its design was dominated by a square composition of crops from two abstract photographs to be displayed at the show on top of which the name of the show, in large type, was superimposed or reversed to attract attention of passerby’s. ‘Water’ in large type size also became the focal point of the poster. The collage of two images, complimentary in terms of both mood and colour, aimed to arouse curiosity by only revealing some parts of the photographs and yet gave a good impression of the (abstract) imagery to be displayed at the show. The vertical axis formed at the meeting point of the two images was used to centrally align poetic text about water on the top and show details at the bottom. Joanna was used as the typeface for all poster text.

Only 20 copies of the 13″x19″ poster were printed in digital offset (maximum size that the digital offset machine allowed) on Cordenons 145 gsm Natural Evolution ivory paper. The non-bleed, white background aimed to maximise printing area and minimise paper wastage. Use of Cordenons environmentally friendly, chlorine-free paper also supported the photography show’s underlying message of water (or nature) conservation.

Overall, the poster design met multiple aims of arousing curiosity and conveying information about the fine art photography show, being environment friendly, minimising paper wastage and keeping printing costs low.