The website for Anthra, a Pune, India based Non Governmental (or Nonprofit) Organization working primarily on issues of livestock development in the wider context of sustainable natural resource use, was designed around the brief of an ‘organic’ look. Information architecture and development of static and dynamic sections of the website was undertaken by Crossover Technologies and the designer’s role restricted to creating the look and feel.

Above: Anthra website home page design.

A well-defined structure enabling straightforward and easy display of information, particularly of dynamically generated content, was important for good usability and therefore tables and cells housing content and images were given uneven edges to bring an organic or natural feel across. A green textured background and earthy colours helped to enhance the organic look and footprints of animals and birds were used as design elements (an important part of the client’s brief) and overlapped different areas of the layout, introducing movement and interest to an otherwise stable design template.

A generous selection of well-shot images was provided by the client and two images, related or unrelated to the content, were showcased on every page of the website. The images, along with the content, presented an ‘inside look’ into Anthra’s activities.

Above: A second level or inside page template for Anthra website.

Second level or inside pages of the website stuck to the same template, allowing for consistent display of information all across and solid usability. Navigation design and execution for the website was special as it gave an “information line” (like timeline) feel and had excellent usability. The navigation was enabled without use of Javascript, by making innovative use of CSS border and background properties. The programmer was “challenged” by the disordered/jagged layout 🙂

Overall, the design reflected Anthra as being an energetic, well-structured and competent organisation working for the environment at grassroots level.