Logo for Vivitsa, an e-learning company based in the National Capital Region of India, was designed around the ‘V’ letterform as a bold, horizontal and composite unit with large typography to be used predominantly on the e-learning portal’s user interfaces. The visual unit consisted of simple geometrical forms (inspired by Vivitsa’s strength in maths and science) arranged in a way that looked like a student working on a computer. The somewhat loosely placed geometrical forms symbolised freedom of learning (or easy and flexible learning through the internet) and the red dot (also the student’s head) symbolised a ‘gift’ of knowledge and growth. Bright colours were meant to appeal to young (high school) students and to also define a bright and young corporate colour scheme for the brand. This colour scheme was chosen as the most appropriate out of many options presented to the client. The slightly traditional yet intelligent and geometric feel of the font represented an adherence to the roots of the subjects offered.