Poster for MBAguru, now a hugely successful MBA preparatory program in North India, was designed at the inception of the program in 2004. Text for the poster was written by the client, the ‘countdown to MBAguru’ was treated as the dominating text and visual element in the layout. Starting from numeral 6 on the top left, a series of steps lead the viewer’s eye to the MBAguru logo, followed by concise text that summed-up the program and then to the tag line at the bottom. The strong geometric or block-like look that the steps got into the layout was used further on the bottom left (block containing text about the mentors) and top right (block containing the company logo). A watermark of the company (Roots Education) logo was put in the background to prevent the layout from looking flat and to subtly reinforce the tree logo that symbolised growth, learning and knowledge. White arrowheads, used as design elements at a few places, also helped to enhance eye movement around the layout.

Trebuchet MS, that went very well with the feel of a young education institute, was used as the typeface for all poster text (barring the logos, of course). The 17″x22″ poster was printed in two (special blue and special neon green) colour offset on 170 gsm matte paper and was put up on notice boards at colleges campuses around New Delhi. With use of only two colours, brand colours in this case, the poster also acted as a strong branding exercise for the company which was barely a few months old then.