Logo for Indian Spice, one of Jaipur’s best-known vegetarian restaurants, was designed at the inception of the restaurant. At Indian Spice, the emphasis is simply on serving high quality North Indian food prepared with authentic spices, in an elegant, nondescript and formal ambiance. The logo was created keeping these very aspects in mind.

The letters were set in the beautiful, simple and elegant typeface Optima the characteristics of which seemed to go very well with the characteristics of the restaurant. The typography was clubbed with a leaf graphic to constitute a logo unit. The leaf symbolised ‘vegetarian’ and use of authentic spices and ingredients and was traced from one of the many reference images of spices collected during the initial research phase.

Maroon and orange colours were used to dress the logo as both have strong associations with the colour of North Indian food (curries in particular) and spices. As both colours fall on the same side of the colour wheel, together they added a lot of strength to the otherwise simple logo and helped to create a strong visual identity for Indian Spice. The logo was often used on a maroon background (see above) in formal communication pieces like restaurant menus.

The logo was also used on orange background (see above) on communication pieces that had to appear bright, like outdoor signages.

Indian Spice logo was most often used on maroon background together with the description and a watermark of the leaf (see above) and defined a formal, elegant, strong yet simple look or brand identity for the restaurant.